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Hello there and thank you for visiting Andy1st driving school in Redditch. We look forward to telling you all about ourselves and what we have to offer. We guarantee you won’t find any better tuition packages. We are proud of the driving school we have become and of the support and service we offer to our pupils. We believe in teaching all of our pupils at a pace and at a level that suits them and one that suits their own specific needs. We treat pupils as individuals and do not adopt a generic style of teaching as we have found this to be counter-productive. Assessing our pupils on their abilities, experience and confidence levels gives us a good idea on where we start and how we plan the package so we undertake a lot of work before we even begin. This helps build relationships and create good rapport.
There are many reasons why you are described as being a successful company – profitable, well-known and increasing in size. We like to think of ourselves as a successful company and that is mainly down to the excellent standard of teaching we provide and the fun our students have whilst doing it. We firmly believe that you should enjoy what you’re doing as you’ll learn more effectively from it. We want all of our pupils to enjoy the experience, that way they’ll progress to be confident and happy drivers.
We have a variety of ways in which you can learn. Each way has its pros and cons and ultimately needs to suit you as an individual. Firstly, you’ll have to decide if you want to learn in a manual or automatic car. Learning in an automatic car is a bit easier as there’s less to learn in terms of clutch control and gear changing but it restricts your licence as you can only drive automatic cars from then on. All the cars are dual controlled so you’ll have your instructor’s support whichever car you choose. Secondly, would you prefer a male or female instructor? To us there is no difference in terms of knowledge as they are all fully qualified, CRB checked and monitored regularly. However we understand that for whatever reason you may have to have or prefer a female instructor.
You may want to go down the traditional route of taking a lesson a week. This should take you about a year to pass your test based on the Driving Standards Agency’s average number of learning hours needed to pass. These lessons can be booked in a block at a discounted rate or booked and paid for weekly as and when you take a lesson. Many people prefer this type of tuition as they learn in a methodical way and spread the cost of learning too. For others it’s about time. Some people need to learn in a hurry or have a set amount of time to which they can dedicate to learning to drive. For these people the intensive courses are ideal and are fast becoming the most popular way to learn. We have pupils who simply take a week or two off work and put those 40 – 50 hours in over about 10 days driving for 4-5 hours a day. It means you can pass in a very short space of time. We also offer something for those pupils who have already passed but would like further coaching. The DSA devised a Pass Plus course for new drivers which offers lessons in situations you may not have encountered before. Insurance companies like this as they see you as a safer driver and you can, in some cases, get discounts on your insurance premiums.
However you choose to learn, in whatever car and with whoever you prefer we have something that can meet your time constraints, budget and learning style. We will collect you and drop you off at a time and at a place that you state. Perhaps you’re working late and so being picked up from the office would help. Perhaps it would be best being picked up from home and dropped at college for a lesson, we’ll try and help fit driving into your life.
We believe in what we do and are passionate about teaching people to drive. Our standard of tuition and cars is exemplary and envied by other driving schools. There will only ever be you in your lesson and your instructor will be patient, helpful and supportive through every part of the process. We really want you to enjoy driving as much as we do and we hope you’ll book with us soon. Not only will you receive fantastic basic driving instruction, you’ll be getting skills such as hazard perception, observational techniques and confidence boosting thrown in. We look forward to hearing from you soon.    


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Driving should be a pleasurable experience and that is what we aim to achieve as well as getting you to your goal, from learner driver to NEW DRIVER!

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Andy1st driving school now offers tuition in Automatic Cars! Please phone for more details 077 077 27 900

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